Germany 100% imported water-based paint
    We are committed to environmentally friendly paint coating product research, development and production, creating similar European environmental protection building materials products here in the move;
    Through our strong scientific research strength and decades of unremitting efforts;
    We has become famous in Europe, and even the world famous ecological environmental protection paint coating of large-scale professional production company;
    We have Europe's most advanced highly automated production line

    Understand us and our products, for your life to add the colour of nature!


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    German Wright solid
    German Wright solid building materials co., LTD is a production, research and development in the integration of professional building materials company. Wright solid company products in the cities of guangdong province try use to promote sales in the market after so many years, and take the lead in sales trading company established in 2016 in huizhou. Sales contains two major series of products: one, bricklayer's series of products: ceramic tile interface agent, ceramic tile adhesive, caulking agent, waterproof mortar adhesive. 
    Wright solid product adopts technical materials with world leading level, with a special focus on product penetration, and ceramic tile forms a solid utrasmall particle high polymer composite material against fiber network, have extraordinary steel soft cohesive structure, is unmatched by traditional materials.


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