Germany Wright solid building materials Co., Ltd. is a production, research and development in one of professional building materials company. After years of trial sales in several cities in Guangdong Province, the company established a sales and trading company in prior to its establishment in Huizhou in 2016.

Sales include two major lines of products:

A series of products: ceramic tile, tile interface agent, tile adhesive, sealant, adhesive waterproof mortar.

Market prospects of ceramic tile materials:

The German Wright solid products using the technology of materials with the leading level in the world, with particular emphasis on the penetration of products, the formation of ultrafine particles of high fiber and three-dimensional network against tile polymer composite material with steel soft cohesive structure is extraordinary, traditional materials can and beyond, is the best substitute of traditional cement mortar paste tile decoration, decoration.

Two, grey series products: Joint king, line groove treasure, batch gray interface agent, sealing glue. Companies in the product depth research and development. In order to obtain quality from paving tiles, paint the wall foundation to control, solve the problems in the process of renovation Difficult miscellaneous diseases, thus forming a complete application system to build the wall material.

Products in strict accordance with international environmental standards for production, production in line with environmental protection products as its own responsibility, continuous innovation, so that consumers enjoy high quality home health life.