Furniture paint development trend in the future

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Beginning today, increasing coatings company focused on water-based paint market, in the process of water technology development into a lot of manpower and financial resources,

 for a completely replace oil paint in the market position, let more consumers can enjoy low carbon green healthy life at an early date. Refers to the water as the solvent or water-based coatings coating as dispersion medium,

 it to health, environmental protection, safety, convenient, energy-saving features, attract the attention of a lot of paint production companies and consumers.

Rapid rise building coatings Stocks move water-based coatings
According to unofficial statistics show that in 2010 China's coatings output 9.666 million tons, year-on-year increase of 22.8%; Building coating output 3.519 million tons, 23.7% increase over last year. Statistically, the development of coating market in China is yan yan ?