German Wright solid technology news release

COUNTS:6482017-07-12 11:07:54

Technology is a direct power to promote the development of the industry. Both users and industry enterprise, and even the rivals, all care to market new products, new technologies. In mortar act on the first day of the sixth, new products and new technology "2017 China mortar industry conference" was held in both complex building, meeting rooms with 160 people surrounding him. Conference through carefully introduce two mortar powder products, fully displays a innovative spirit of the world's leading chemical companies, as well as full consideration for the interests of users, the user's management idea Deduced to get incisively and vividly. This workshop has brought "FeiYou gas new energy, high efficiency and energy saving of three return drying system", to solve the problem of drying of mortar industry development bottleneck, and the corresponding find ? in the restriction of eia.

Conference planned for two hours, because many questions from the audience, to discuss, the meeting has been to 1 PM, everyone still wanting more.