German Wright is to tell you, exterior wall thermal insulation quality inspection standard!

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Exterior wall thermal insulation engineering has been as an indispensable part of the construction industry, national quality strict checks. About the quality inspection standard must do the following.
First of all to ensure project:
1) extruded plate, mesh cloth, specifications and technical indexes of polymer mortar configuration of raw material quality must conform to the requirements. 2) extruded board must with metope stickup and firm, no loosening and virtual sticky.
3) polymer mortar paste and extruded board must be closely, no delaminating, empty drum, surface blasting ash and cracks.
Then for basic items:
1) each extruded plate with the paste area at the grass-roots level is 30-50%. 2) fixed a bulge part into the structure of the wall not less than 50. 3) meet extruded plate seam is not bonding agent.
4) should be horizontal grid cloth shop is stuck, glue is close-grained, not free drum, folds, become warped edge, the leakage phenomenon, horizontal lap width is not less than 100, vertical lap width not less than 80. 5) polymer mortar thickness should not be greater than 4, the first layer is not more than 5.
Above is a simple introduction, basic on the external wall thermal insulation quality inspection standards, the quality department will according to the construction site and insulation materials have the detailed requirement and standard. Bonding agent.