Mortar adhesive small knowledge

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Adhesive mortar mixed Portland cement after use, can achieve the same effect of ceramic tile adhesive, and more convenient transportation than ceramic tile adhesive, handling {a bucket of glue (10 kg) after mixing cement mortar and can equal to 10 bags of ceramic tile adhesive (25 kg)}, can save a lot of transportation cost and artificial cost.
1, cohesiveness, strong water retention, low shrinkage rate, and ceramic tile adhesive not empty drum, no crack;
2, convenient construction, good performance, hang drop resistance, resistance to flow, air buy adjustment time is long;
3, good flexibility, adapt to the deformation of the base material and ceramic tile for external use, can adapt to all kinds of weather;
4, when used without soaking wet brick wall, so that the construction of a coherent, improve the efficiency of construction;
5, non-toxic, no smell, strong alkali, belongs to the environmental protection product.