Ecological environmental protection small white latex knowledge

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Ecological white glue is a kind of high polymer with dilute acid modified resin emulsion, made from application of advanced science and technology. Its good initial adhesion, high bonding strength, acid resistance, alkali resistance, antifreeze, flame retardant, quick drying, easy construction, does not contain formaldehyde, smells very low, stable quality, good film-forming resistance at low temperature, and has excellent resistance to water, is one of the most environmental protection, best quality white latex. Applicable to the bonding of wood and furniture, wall cloth, paper products of adhesive and blow be bored with child. Widely used in home decoration, furniture, plywood, particle board, paper products processing and cloth kind of adhesive, etc.
Ecological white glue through the product certification of Chinese environment mark, the new formaldehyde-free, is non-toxic green environmental protection building materials.